Ruby on Rails Developer

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We’re looking for a passionate Ruby on Rails developer to join our existing team as part of our on-going expansion.

Our team is made up of brilliant developers who have a talent for writing beautiful code in a fast-paced environment. We need someone who can do the same while adding their own flavour to the company.

  • 2+ years as a Ruby developer
  • Degree in computer Science or related field preferred
  • Demonstrable knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS
  • Experience working with 3rd party development teams
  • Proven experience working as part of a successful development team
  • Design, build and maintain reliable, clean code
  • Be active in all stages of the development lifecycle
  • Follow development best practices (SCRUM, continuous integration)
  • Identify bugs and bottlenecks
  • Continually collaborate with and challenge your team - we’re not looking for a wallflower