Database Developer

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We’re looking for an established database developer comfortable with designing, testing and maintaining new and existing databases.

We need a keen problem solver who is comfortable collaborating with developers and administrators to identify requirements, and ensure our database systems run securely and smoothly.

  • 2+ years in a database development position
  • SQL server-side development experience
  • Exceptional organisational and analytical skills
  • Design, development and support experience
  • Understanding of the front end users needs, and a problem-solving mindset to develop ways to improve experience
  • Life-long learning attitude
  • Design stable, reliable - and above all - effective databases
  • Maintain and optimise legacy systems
  • Develop and implement training where required
  • Keep on top of new techniques and technologies, suggesting new services and protocols
  • Handling project from inception through to implementation
  • Collaborating with our development team