Chief Information Officer/ IT Director

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We’re on the lookout for a brilliant individual to take the helm of our ICT department and map out the future of our information and data systems.

We need someone with extensive business and technical experience who can manage our existing systems and use their insight to keep the business on the front foot of technical innovation - while keeping tabs on spending.

  • Natural leadership skills backed up by 5+ years in a similar position of authority
  • Technical skills (gained through study or experience), we need someone who is willing to get their hands dirty
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Proven experience managing a technology budget, and confident making vital financial decisions
  • Proven analytical and evaluative skills, with a track record of implementing successful new systems and strategies.
  • Degree educated in a relevant discipline (computer science, engineering ect)
  • Look after all technology operations within the business and make sure they’re in-line with our goals
  • Analysing the needs of all departments of the business, and planning the maintenance
  • Produce budget and expenditure reports for the department
  • Provide instruction, guidance and strategy to IT Managers and their respective teams
  • Using experience and initiative to help guide the company in a positive direction