Android Developer

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We’re looking for an Android developer with experience working on high-quality mobile applications.

We need someone with an inquisitive mind who is always eager to learn; our existing team work at a fast pace, but are all supportive and curious - we want someone who will add to this collaborative environment

  • Bsc in computer science or related field
  • Experience working on high-quality android applications
  • Proven experience working on Android apps, with at least one published android app - impress us!
  • Understanding of mobile app security
  • Strong understanding of the mobile development cycle
  • Knowledge of the industry, continuously keeping on top of new and developing trends
  • Design and build android applications
  • Collaborate with the wider team (and 3rd party teams and clients where required) to define, develop and ship new features
  • Contribute to all stages of the development cycle as and when required
  • Bug fixing
  • Continual evaluation and implementation of new technologies to improve efficiency where required